• CDFIs invest in potential and promise;

  • we support future successes.


If you make enough difference at the margins, year in and year out, pretty soon you'll look around and the world is a much better place."
President William Jefferson Clinton at the OFN 2019 Annual Conference

Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is the national association of community development financial institutions (CDFIs). We provide capital, advocacy, and capacity building to help OFN member and non-member CDFIs create impact in rural, urban, and Native communities nationwide. OFN is also a CDFI.

But what are CDFIs and what kind of impact do CDFIs make?

CDFIs are community development loan funds, banks, venture capital funds, and credit unions that help people realize their full potential and create thriving communities.  

We provide fair, transparent financing and financial education to small businesses, community-based projects, and consumers that mainstream finance considers too risky or not profitable enough. CDFIs invest in potential and promise and support future successes. We lend where it counts.

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CDFI Impact

The first CDFIs began lending to communities with limited incomes in 1973. Today, there are over 1,200 certified CDFIs in the United States, more than 300 of which are OFN members.

CDFI products and services help individuals and community-based organizations create and maintain living-wage jobs, spark small businesses, and build quality, affordable homes, and vital community facilities.

OFN Impact

OFN was founded in 1986 to support and enhance the work of individual CDFIs by offering a national perspective and a collective voice. Since then, OFN’s membership has grown and evolved into a network of more than 300 CDFIs with nearly $27 billion in assets and our footprint is now nationwide.

There is still much more to do. Providing access to responsible, affordable finance is the key to our success. We invite you to learn more about the issues, what’s at stake, and what we at OFN believe is still possible to achieve.