OFN Response to COVID-19

  • Now more than ever, CDFIs lend where it counts.


The economic impact of COVID-19 is devastating for millions of Americans, particularly low-income and low-wealth communities. Individuals and families are experiencing deep, shocking effects as small businesses close indefinitely.


CDFIs are America’s “financial first responders” in a crisis. From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy to Hurricane Harvey, we have proven our resilience and ability to help underserved communities survive and rebound after disaster. 

In the face of COVID-19 and its uncertainties, OFN and CDFIs will continue to do what we do best: We will ensure that credit continues to flow in rural, urban, and Native communities nationwide. We will help small businesses, nonprofit service providers, and affordable housing providers get through this economic downturn.


Lisa Mensah recently posted this message on the OFN Blog:

“In these uncertain days, CDFIs are stalwarts. This crisis makes CDFIs and our work more relevant, not less. We are of and in the communities left behind by mainstream finance. We can authentically say to people who feel marginalized in the best of times: 'We see you. We know your struggles. We are here to help.' Our network of CDFIs is doing everything possible to #KeepCDFIsStrong. Let’s fight together for America’s low-income, low-wealth communities. Thank you for joining us on this common mission.”

Now, more than ever, CDFIs lend where it counts.


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