• OFN Members are Committed to Mission and Performance.

To be an OFN Member, consistent with our Membership Principles, a CDFI must:

Mission & Impact

  • Have a primary mission of community development and strive to have a positive impact on low income, low-wealth and other disadvantaged people and communities. If the organization is part of or controlled by another corporation(s), that corporation also has a primary mission of community development.

  • Serve primarily low-income, low-wealth, or other disadvantaged people or communities.

Finance-led Strategy

  • Have an active lending and/or investing history of two or more years.

  • Be a non-governmental entity.

  • Be primarily a financing institution that provides affordable, responsible financial products and may also provide financial services.

Commitment to Performance

  • Pro-actively manage the risks in its portfolio and have appropriate loan and risk management policies and procedures in place to manage effectively the risks of its financing activities.

  • Have positive net assets (equity) and, for nonprofit loan funds, positive unrestricted net assets.

  • Have at least one completed financial audit. (For credit unions without audited financials, NCUA 5300 reports are acceptable.)

Support for Opportunity Finance Network’s Mission

  • Affirm their support for OFN’s mission of leading CDFIs and their partners to ensure that low-income, low-wealth and other disadvantaged people and communities have access to affordable, responsible financial products and services.

  • Participate in OFN’s required Member data collection initiatives and make a good faith effort to actively participate in OFN peer learning activities.



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