Finance Opportunity

Finance Opportunity

Demand for Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) capital is outpacing supply. By financing CDFIs, your organization will catalyze change and create economic opportunities for low-wealth and other disinvested people and places traditional finance doesn't reach.

Investing in CDFIs supports small businesses, affordable homes, community facilities, energy efficiency, community development, and long-term, high-quality jobs across America.

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Investing in CDFIs

CDFI Impact

Multi-Dimensional Investor Returns

Direct Investment in CDFIs

There are more than 1,200 CDFIs nationwide. Corporate and philanthropic partners can strengthen communities — and their balance sheets — by investing long-term capital in CDFIs. You can focus investments based on geography, balance sheet size, and focus area.

CDFIs leverage this funding on their own balance sheets with other sources of private and public capital to lend to the local communities they serve. And as borrowers repay their loans, the CDFI makes new loans, and the funds return to the community.


Use the CDFI Locator to identify CDFIs that best meet your impact objectives.

Invest with OFN

OFN represents a diverse national network of more than 350 CDFIs. We are a fund-of-funds manager with more than 35 years of experience driving capital through our member CDFIs to disinvested rural, urban, Native, and other persistent poverty communities across America.

As a trusted intermediary with approximately $1 billion in assets under management, OFN guides investors and funders to achieve their financial and social impact investment goals and expand economic opportunity. We offer a tailored portfolio of CDFIs diversified across geographies and balance sheet sizes.

Contact OFN Chief Financial Officer, Beth Lipson, or Senior Vice President, Development and Capitalization, Andrea Longton, to learn more about becoming an investor or funder in OFN and CDFIs.

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