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As the largest national network of CDFIs, OFN is committed to sharing valuable resources that help our Members and Allies, non-Member CDFIs, policymakers, foundations, the media, and other OFN partners understand themes, issues, and best practices that are key to our industry.

A premier source of CDFI industry-related research, OFN collects and analyzes data on topics and trends that show where CDFIs are making an impact, how the industry has grown and evolved, and what’s coming down the road.

We invite everyone with a stake in opportunity finance to tap into the following resources.

CDFI Connect Community. A collaborative, online community for the CDFI Industry. It's the perfect place for knowledge exchange, content curation, idea incubation, and professional networking.

Publications. Search our library of publications for reports, datasheets, presentations, and Technical Assistance Memos going back ten years.

Speeches and Videos. Watch and download speeches from different events and OFN Conferences to trace how the state of opportunity finance has evolved through different challenges and pivot points. Check out our Vimeo page for more.

Webinar. Visit our archive of past OFN-hosted webinars and presentations that were designed by OFN staff and partners for opportunity finance practitioners.

CDFIs and Universities. Former OFN interns have created a wealth of information for college students, professors, career counselors, and university administrators to learn more about entry-level careers in our industry and how to raise awareness about CDFIs on campus.

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