About OFN

  • Our CDFI network helps people realize their full potential

  • and contribute to thriving communities.

About OFN

Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is the national association of community development financial institutions (CDFIs). We help money flow to people and places where traditional finance doesn’t reach by maximizing the effectiveness of OFN member and non-member CDFIs through direct financing, learning opportunities, industry events, and advocacy. 

We represent and serve a diverse membership of more than 300 CDFIs of various asset sizes and lending types working on the ground in all 50 statesOur network of community development loan funds, banks, venture capital funds, and credit unions help people realize their full potential and contribute to thriving communities.  

Through 2019, OFN's network originated $83 billion in communities across all 50 states, including rural, urban, and Native areas. We are proud of our impact so far, and seek to do even more in terms of jobs, small businesses, affordable housing, and community services.

Currently, OFN manages more than $980 million in capital and offers a range of products and services to help CDFIs lend and invest in markets underserved by mainstream banks. 

OFN strengthens the CDFI industry by providing learning opportunities, research, and annual events.  

OFN tracks a range of CDFI-related legislative and regulatory issues and works with our members to shape public policy that impacts CDFIs.

Finance Justice & LEnd Where It Counts

OFN's member CDFIs and others fill address long-standing issues of disinvestment, the racial wealth gap, and persistent poverty nationwide. 

Across OFN's membership and the CDFI industry, CDFI investment makes a difference for the people and places CDFIs serve. CDFIs reach deep and lend where it counts.